The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in cooperation with Gamewell-FCI of Northford, CT has voluntarily issued a recall of the Gamewell-FCI fire alarm panels (ILI-MB-E3 and ILI-S-E3).When configured in a certain way, the panels can become non-responsive and connected detectors in the area can fail to detect and respond to an alarm. Approximately 1,000 units were sold at authorized distributors from May 2015 through August 2015 for about $800.

This recall is for the ILI-MB-E3 and ILI-S-E3 Gamewell-FCI fire alarm panels in commercial buildings. This issue is limited to a specific configuration of Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) devices. To occur, the SLC must include at least two of the following detectors in any combination: Acclimate, 4-Warn, Photo/CO and iFAAST. The issue would occur only if the detectors are addressed within the same FlashScan polling group. Detectors installed in a different combination are not affected. No incidents or injuries have been reported.

Consumers should immediately contact the distributor to obtain a free repair, a firmware upgrade.

For more information, please visit and click on “Safety Recall.”