Since our inception back in 1994, we’ve worked tirelessly to assemble a professional team of certified fire investigators with the qualifications, education, investigative experience, and attention to detail required to uncover the truth in the ashes. Whether it’s a small fire or a catastrophic explosion, our team approaches the scene with the exact same procedures, ensuring nothing is missed — from the second we arrive on the scene to the comprehensive final report package. And with the help of our responsive administrative staff and 24/7 phone lines, Whitemore Fire Consultants is able to quickly react when immediate response is required.


Whitemore Fire Consultants is one of the nation’s leaders in major loss investigation as a result of fire or explosion. Our team has extensive experience with origin and cause investigation, scene assessment and reconstruction, evidence collection and storage, and loss scene management. And this experience extends into virtually any type of residential occupancy, large commercial space, and manufacturing facility. This could include large loss, multiple parties, fatalities, injuries, and multiple occupancies.


We staff a team of experienced investigators, all of which have the training and background to determine the origin and cause of any type of motorized vehicle fire, including but not limited to automobiles and trucks (both foreign and domestic), farming equipment (tractors, plows, tillers, harvesters, etc.), recreational (RVs, ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc.), marine (motorboats, yachts, pontoons, etc.), transportation (buses, semis, tankers, etc.) and mining and earth moving equipment.

Though most motorized vehicle fires result from mechanical or electrical defects, all investigations evaluate the potential for other causes, such as design flaws, improper maintenance, improper repair, equipment failure, electrical overload, battery-related problems, and arson, to name only a few.


Fires and explosions that lead to the courtroom often demand the guidance and corroboration of experts in the industry — be it for the plaintiff or the defense. Everyone on our team at Whitemore Fire Consultants has proven trial experience, allowing us to review, research, evaluate, report, instruct, and consult on any case subject to litigation. We also have vast experience providing expert witness testimony for depositions and trials at the local, state, and federal court levels.


We pride ourselves on giving back to the fire industry. It’s for this reason (and many others) that we hold regular seminars and educational programs for fire claims adjusters, claims managers, local and state fire officials and the legal community. At no charge to our colleagues, we hold an annual seminar, including Minnesota-approved continuing legal education (CLE), with both nationally and regionally recognized speakers and educators.